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Authentic understanding of our role as stewards of the planet is changing the world!  At Ocean Nation, we daily elevate our consciousness as stewards of our beautiful planet.  With your financial support, Ocean Nation will sustain and grow a platform to awaken souls to divine connection with our oceans and all of earth’s beings.  Any amount will make a positive impact.  Donate today – when you give– you always receive!

Ocean Nation is a Fun Community!

OCEAN NATION is a borderless community of humans dedicated to living in harmony with nature and restoring the health of our oceans and all earth’s life.

Reposted from Facebook BY LYNN ROSE, I feel saddened when I overhear/see people's broad stroke judgment of another (or when I catch my own) because of how they're dressed or how they look. This goes beyond someone being overweight or not traditionally...

Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

Could A Mushroom Save The Honeybee?

From article by Ken Christensen, August 17, 2015 Honeybees need a healthy diet of pollen, nectar and water. But at a bee laboratory in Eastern Washington, Steve Sheppard fills their feeding tubes with murky brown liquid from the forest. His bees are getting a...

Grow Organic and Save the Planet

Grow Organic and Save the Planet

In confronting Climate Change, ending agribusiness to Grow Organic is even more important than transitioning from fossil fuels. Solving global warming was never going to be easy, but it would be a heck of a lot easier if we cast off the deadly grip of agribusiness –...

Way to go New Zealand!! 󾀸󾮗󾬍 by Ocean Nation on Tuesday, September 29,...