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A 12-minute film about the journey which led to the Declaration.

In late 2014, representatives of the original people of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta came down from their sacred mountain in Colombia to deliver an urgent message and sacred invitation to Humanity on behalf of Mother Earth.

Elders of Munvwameke and Numaka, Nabusimake sent representatives (including spiritual leader, or ‘Mamo’, Miguel Arroyo – Iku and leader of the Iku Nation, Ñankwa Chaparro) to join with elders and wisdom keepers of other tribes and lands, including representatives from the Otomi and Mexica in Central America and Diné from North America, to initiate a ‘Unification Process for the awareness in collective consciousness of Life Originating Principles’. They came with the focus of activating healing in key sacred sites and to call forth humanity to realize that it is time to reclaim our connection to the Original Constitution of Mother Earth. The Earth is calling for our help and it is time for us all to answer.

The group journeyed to sacred sites in Durango, Colorado in the US; Mt. Fuji, Japan; and Uluru, Australia, with two fundamental aims: to bring healing and activation to these key energetic centres of the planet and to raise human consciousness toward the need for unification; calling forth humanity to join them in a deep personal commitment to heal and restore Mother Earth.

During their time in Uluru, the group together wrote a formal invocation to humanity which has been titled The Declaration to Restore Mother Earth. From Uluru, the group journeyed to the eastern most point of Australia in Byron Bay, where they were greeted by members of local and regional indigenous tribes and welcomed to UPLIFT 2014. On Sunday the 14th of December, UPLIFT festival participants and webcast audience around the world paused in a moment of profound silence, joining hands in a great circle as The Declaration to Restore Mother Earth was read aloud. Each person was invited to listen deeply to their own unique calling and to recognise the critical role we each play in bringing about the healing and restoration of our planet.


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