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Founders’ Message

Founders’ Message

Dear Friends of the Oceans,

Elizabeth at Alchemy Event 2013Water has memory and holds a vibration of life that is imparted wherever it flows. The waters of this world hold the memory of everything that has ever been–the same water has circulated through the oceans and clouds and rivers and the blood of the billions of people and animals that Earth has been home to over the eons of time.

Consider also that crystals also have memory…they are used everyday to store, transmit and relay information across the globe in modern technology.  These crystals come from the Earth and sometimes dissolve, imparting their memory in liquid form as in the great salt oceans. Have you ever been swimming in the ocean and felt renewed, felt a deeper sense of connection to nature, felt healed, felt more alive?

Water is life and is a sacred record of our individual and collective consciousness.

Every molecule of water in our DNA is vibrating with an imprint of our individual and collective consciousness beyond time and space. 

The oceans and waters of this planet are a sacred resource for all of us.  Ocean Nation invites you to enter into that understanding of your connection to all life through the memory and life of water.  This understanding naturally gives rise to living life in harmony with the earth and modifying our lifestyles to align.  Ocean Nation is a resource and community for you to share learn ways to do that, meet the leaders teaching harmony with nature, discover the activists and their methods.  Share Ocean Nation posts with others to educate and lead for change!

With Love and Respect,

Elizabeth England, Executive Director of Ocean Nation